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4/1/2006 - Software test automation - new testing tool
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Original Software, a leader in software test automation, today advanced the field of automated software testing with the introduction of its new solution, TestDrive-Gold.  Unlike testing solutions that rely on skilled IT staff to constantly write new test scripts, TestDrive-Gold is the only testing solution that requires no coding knowledge, and provides self-healing scripts and advanced scripting controls.

The core of Original Software's solution is its ease of use and intuitive nature, which enables automated testing to be readily applied at every stage of development, cuts time-to-market development cycles, and dramatically reduces application errors and failure.  TestDrive-Gold combines several innovative software testing technologies:

  •  Code-free Testing -- No scripting language of any kind is needed, freeing the user from complex programming languages and simplifying the user interface 
  • Self-healing Technology -- Users no longer have to recreate costly scripts as the application grows and develops, improving the productivity and efficiency while ensuring existing scripts remain usable and valid
  • Advanced Script Controls -- Variable Data controls enable one script to  simulate multiple business transactions without having to re-launch  individual script.

"The software industry spends 80% of its development resources correcting coding defects.  That's just not acceptable for industries whose growth depends on delivering applications for their customers quickly, economically ...  and right the first time," said Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software.

"The market needs automated testing tools that are both powerful and flexible enough to manage the rapid development cycles for today's businesses.  With TestDrive-Gold, we're putting an intuitive automated tool that requires practically no programming knowledge to use in the hands of the entire development, testing and quality teams, so that testing tools are actually used, rather than becoming  shelfware.'"

Designed to test just about any GUI or browser application 'out-of-the-box,' TestDrive-Gold captures and interrogates individual objects and components that make up a screen or web page, vastly increasing the quality and detail of data captured.  This eliminates reliance on  the precise reproduction of the original window and guarantees total verification and replay of screen objects.  There is no scripting language to be learned with TestDrive-Gold -- the user is totally protected from the complexities associated with such languages and interacts through a simple-to-use interface.  What the script does and how it works is all managed through a highly visible and intuitive point and click interface.

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