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4/8/2006 - Software testing for FIX connectivity group
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NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- March 21, 2006


Aegis Software Inc., a New York-based provider of trading software, announced today that eSpeed, Inc. (Nasdaq:ESPD), a leading developer of electronic marketplaces and trading technology for the global capital markets, has chosen "Exchange Simulator" and "Client Simulator" for testing and verification of trading systems that are used in the Global FIX Connectivity Group.
Exchange Simulator allows developers, QA engineers and production support departments to verify trading systems against simulations of popular exchanges and ECNs, including NYSE, NASDAQ, ARCA, INET, LAVA, CME, CBOE and ISE. Several exchanges can be run simultaneously and each user can have their own virtual exchange. Exchange Simulator includes capabilities for functional, regression, conformance and load testing.
The Client Simulator emulates FIX connections coming in from customer environments. The product provides an easy-to-use interface for testing transactions as a client, and operates as a virtual order entry interface. Client Simulator allows users to follow transactions from beginning to end, with all associated FIX messages. A basic function of the software is to create test scripts that automatically verify a set of transactions. For fast troubleshooting, support engineers can also re-play FIX logs in order to recreate any problem experienced by a client.
"eSpeed's adoption of our products validates the proposition that a quality order management system must have adequate testing tools," said Norm Friedman, Vice President, Aegis Software. "FIX environments, especially for broker/dealers, tend to be very intricate -- multiple lines in, multiple lines out, real-time feeds, order routing, reference databases, entitlements, credit verification systems, compliance, etc, and any failure, or even noticeable delay, is unacceptable. Aegis' mission is to help make these complex trading environments bullet-proof, with easy-to-use QA test tools."

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