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3/17/2006 - SOA Testing
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(From Business Wire)


iTKO announced today the release of iTKO LISA 3 Complete SOA Testing Platform. LISA 3, generally available immediately, is a proven suite with the breadth to test serviced-oriented architecture (SOA) workflows across every component type and development phase. The complete LISA 3 suite was unveiled today at the Software Development Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif.
LISA 3 expands on the concept of distributed testing for every development phase, from functional and unit testing, to regression, load and performance testing. It offers a comprehensive platform for deep testing and monitoring of dynamic Web applications and all of the supporting SOA layers behind them.

According to iTKO, by maintaining the context of an SOA workflow across multiple tiers and development phases, software developers and QA teams can expedite their testing times by up to 80 percent, since there is no need to code or re-script LISA test cases every time the target software changes.

"Essentially, LISA 3 allows business users to use one set of test cases across all software components," said John Michelsen, chief architect at iTKO. "Maintaining business context alone dramatically improves test coverage and productivity while reducing costs."

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